Online Games The Evolution

Then came the interpersonal interaction in a multiplayer environment. The first game of its kind was called DUNGEN. DUNGEN had players competing against each other to complete a series of missions. DUNGEN provides new settings and drivers every time a user logs in.

Hablamosde Gamers

The late 1970s saw the start of the video game craze as more and more families gained computer skills. As a corollary, people started writing their own games for home computers. Programming enthusiasts traded and sold these local games in the local markets.

Other changes in the 1970s were home game consoles that used game cartridges. This means that people can collect game cartridges for a base unit rather than owning bulky game systems.

1980s: Some stopped before the storm

The 1980s saw a growing craze for video and computer games, but online games were not yet in sight. New games with better sound and graphics were introduced and gained popularity. Pole Position and Pac-man were the two most popular. During the 1980s, Nintendo introduced its first game system.

1990s – the revolution has begun

The 1990s saw explosive growth in both popularity and technology, mainly due to the rise of 3D media and multimedia.

Myst, the intellectual adventure game, presented the games in CD-ROM format. More advanced 3D graphics hardware made FPS (First Person Shooter) games like Quake.

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