How 5 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Try Playing PG

I wouldn’t say I was the perfect point guard by any means, I played Pointe quite a bit in Single Player, but I never played Pro-Am as a friend of mine with whom I only play one PG.

I think, hello, I’ll try to play PG now as I can jump onto the cards without spending 100k VC to create one.

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Here is the takeaway

Just because he has an open pass for the basket doesn’t mean the GP has a way to get the ball to him. I know I’ve seen the ball go through the defenders before, but I’m not going to try to go three lengths because it’s cutting.

When you shout “put the ball to me” into the microphone, I don’t know who you are. Hear the voices of 4 people, not to mention the voices of your children and the background music. Your voices are not unique enough for me to know who is shouting. Screaming in the face will be 10 times more beneficial for PG.

If you were yelling “corner,” and you got the ball in a split second and now all of a sudden, “late”, that means you never opened in the first place. Don’t blame PG for having your son close to you.

I post this because I think PG takes a lot of blame when it’s not their fault. In the second game I played yesterday, I had 10 assists / I didn’t turn in the first quarter, but then when I was doing “bad passes, I got to people late and lost the cutouts” they stopped giving me the ball and the secretary general instead. He finished the match with 14 assists, 2 turns and 1/2 shots. Obviously we lost, when we were the top ten at the end of the first.

The rule is perhaps the most demanding position in basketball. A good point guard is expected to have exceptional ball handling skills, to be a scoring threat, to organize attack, provide assistance and play a good defense against the opponent’s point guard. Since your primary goalkeeper will be touching the ball a lot more than the other team members, it is imperative that you make good decisions about what to do with it. Without strong guard game, your squad will not go anywhere.

In fact, the rule is often described as his representative in court. The base must have a great understanding of your desires and must be able to translate those desires into reality in court. Controlling the pace of the game, having the mind to wait until players are in the right place before starting play, recognizing who has a hot hand, and effectively communicating their strategic directions to the team in the midst of the match – it all comes back at the point guard.

Because his base has many crucial responsibilities, it constantly faces strong defensive efforts to reduce its effectiveness. If the opponent can disrupt their team base and weaken their confidence, they can drastically reduce their team’s offensive productivity and get easy turns. Knowing with certainty that your rules will face constant stress, it is your responsibility to prepare them for that.

Here are seven great baseball basketball drills that can withstand and overcome that kind of defensive pressure to effectively guide the team in the direction you want them to go.

Limit two passes, three seconds three passes two
This basketball training is beneficial for your entire team, but you can definitely use it specifically to hone the point guard’s decision-making skills and court reading skills. The foul should result in a good shot in two passes and three seconds. You have three attacking players (all of them point guards if you like) in the half of the field line and two defenders stacked on the switch.

Initially, the attacking midfielder will have the ball and dribbling towards the switch. The defender above will cover him. Wing players must run wide and cut the rim at a 45-degree angle as soon as they get close to the top of the extended prop. The defender below will cover the first pass. The defender stopping the midpoint must turn down to stop the pass to the opposing wing breaker. If the defense plays odds to avoid a throw, the man at the midpoint must be open in the free throw zone for the jump. This will be the second step. If an open snapshot has not been created by then, the violation has missed and the Quick Break has expired.

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