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As a child I did a lot of boat building jobs, especially scale models that were unable to sail, although I actually built some boats that were, to some extent, seaworthy. I am also building a 10 foot boat, or I say raft. I did it with some friends and we had a lot of fun sailing the local river. It wasn’t really waterproof, and while one person was rowing, others had to make sure the water cleared faster and then got on our boat.


Then, unfortunately, one day we failed. I was paddling at the time and we were in the middle of the river when it was clear we were snorkeling. I stopped paddling to help dive the tube, but that slowed the sinking process, it didn’t stop it. So I started rowing again trying to get ashore before diving, thus avoiding having to swim to get to safety.

And guess what: we did it! Just before the boat started to sink, we managed to jump ashore. Here we saw our pride and joy slowly sink to the bottom of the river. Then we realized we were on the wrong side of the river and that left us a problem. We had to walk to the nearest bridge, 10 kilometers from the river, so it would be 20 kilometers on foot, or swim the other side.

We decided to swim. We didn’t see anyone around, so we quickly undressed and with one hand carrying our clothes over the water, we were able to get back to our side from the river. Just as we were struggling to get out of the water, a bunch of girls from our school passed by and I can tell you we weren’t happy!

This all happened a long time ago and several times in my life I was planning to build a boat again. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at boat building plans, but boat size does matter.

I usually look at boats between 30 and 40 feet tall, but the sheer volume of work involved has always kept me from moving forward with my boat building plans.

Now I have decided to start small. I’m going to build the 16 foot Grand Banks League, which I want to fit into a small outboard motor. I bought boat building projects, I have a workspace and by the time you read this article, I may already be done.

Later, who knows, I might build a 40-foot cruiser and Grand Banks League ticket behind me. So, if my cabin cruises sink, I could always row safely in my Grand Banks League, dry and dressed.

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