7 Ways You Can Use Car To Become Irresistible To Customers

First of all, let’s say categorically that passing the driving test is just the beginning of your driving career, no matter how good the test day is. It will take the average novice driver perhaps three years of steady and steady driving before he can say, “Now I am becoming an experienced driver. Note the emphasis on the word “become.” The arrival of the experienced pilots to the podium will take much longer. I guess it really depends on how much driving you do on a daily basis, weekly, the level of night driving and also the traffic conditions during daily outings will determine how long this learning experience will take.

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To paraphrase Robert Oppenheimer, the inventor of the atomic bomb … .. “I have become a destroyer of worlds.” This could apply to many student drivers who pass their driving test and then proceed to total their cars and those of other drivers in the weeks and months following the test.

Passing the driving test is a combination of basic driving skills, positive attitude, detailed preparation, attention to detail, practice in the general area where the tests are taken, and lots of in-depth instruction from a driving school. The need for professional education cannot be underestimated and the inside information communicated to the student by the instructor will give the test candidate the best chance of a positive result. Many of these aspects are ignored by test candidates and we will explore in more detail what will be required in the rest of the text. There are numerous details to pay attention to during this preparation and if the candidate accepts them with a positive approach, a good result will follow.

We will take a look at the aspects of the car that need to be checked: –

Tires ……… Tires must be in good condition with tread depth well above the legal limit and no cuts, cracks or bumps on the sidewall. The tires with the best treads should always be on the front axle and this should be considered an essential part of your weekly technical check. Tire pressure must be adjusted to the tire specification, as improperly inflated tires are not only dangerous, but they wear out very quickly and give an uncomfortable ride.

Lights and indicators …… All brake lights and indicators must be working properly and the lenses must be clean and undamaged. It is very important to bring a couple of replacement bulbs in your emergency kit to replace them at the last minute as they can burn out at any time and a faulty brake warning light or warning light will mean the test will not run.

Loose items …… ..All loose items in the car (and who doesn’t have them?) Should be removed, but the rear head restraints, if installed, should be stored despite the obstruction of the rear windshield. The craze of hanging spiders, furry dice, and nodding dogs on the back shelf of the pack is not the way to create an impression with the Driving Examiner and block vision; in fact, I always tremble when I see them in cars, especially those that I obviously drive. by student drivers. It is also a particularly dangerous sport to drive as a student driver and not show L plates. I am always amazed by students who show up for pre-test classes in their cars without L plates. The amount of excuses would fill a book chapter. It is a sad reflection that student drivers continually violate basic driving laws, but the worst is the all too common view of student drivers being taught by so-called instructors actually driving outside the test centers without showing their license plates. L. Shows a disregard for the law and a need for excellent driving skills and a need for concentration. Of course, mobile phones must be turned off and hidden.

Windshield and mirrors… .. These must be free of cracks and clean.

Service … It is a good idea to have the car repaired prior to testing and any technical issues that you have put off for resolution should be resolved. If a warning light comes on during a test due to mechanical problems, the examiner will cancel the test.

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