6 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Slot Review

How to write a 350 word review in 20 minutes
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Wordapp often contains multi-language slot review projects, so it’s worth spending some time learning how to write a slot review quickly.

If you are a newbie to slot writing, don’t be afraid of the terminology or the extra time it takes to write your first slot reviews; you will get much faster. For help writing after this tutorial, join one of our webinars.

รีวิว Slot

Let me show you how to write a 350 word review in 20 minutes.

Before I start writing, I research the slot and try to find a site where I can play for free. If you are new to writing slot reviews, always read the sample text first to see what the customer is looking for in the text.

Some great sites for finding hatching information:


Menu items (2-3 minutes)
In the list, you will see some pre-processed items that describe important values, such as “highest pay” or “number of pay lines”. You should compare it to the hatch and correct it if there are errors. Also, if an important item is missing or not translated correctly, you will need to change it so that the menu makes sense to the player.


Introductory writing (5-10 minutes)
You will find the best information about the hatch if you Google the name and use one of the most important links. Several sites offer to play the game for free. Take a few rounds to learn about the game and how its features work. You can see the number of coils and lines and find all the information you need to consult the list and write your text.

The introduction should be short and moving. Write about your slot theme (eg Egyptian theme, fruit slots, romance, movie inspired blockbuster) and include keywords such as the name of the game and the developer from the start. You can write about sound and cartwheels. The introduction should be more general, but the reader should get used to the opening.

Game Icon List (2-3 minutes)
Before writing the list of symbols, you should know the type of symbols used in the slot. For most of the slots there are the classic icons of a deck of cards such as A (ce), K (ing), Q (ueen) and J (oker) and sometimes the 10 tokens, thematic icons, that fit to the subject of the slot machine.

If you write on a fruit, there will usually be the symbols for the fruit itself (cherry, orange, lemon, peach, watermelon, and lemon) and the ribbon symbol, and the classic seven symbols, etc., which vary from one slot to another. You can easily find the icons if you click on “Paytable” or “i” for information. List them from lowest to highest payment.

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