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The expired domain name is just a common status instead of domain names. This particular domain name status occurs when the domain name holder has forgotten to renew the registered domain name, so when a particular domain name is given as an “expired domain name”, it is understandable that that domain name expired is coming to cancellation from the register of domain names.

So when you get a note from the domain name registrar that you have an expired domain name and still want to renew that expired domain name, you need to know the basic process that domain names need to go through when they are given as “expired domain names” and in the process of being deleted from the register.

In the first phase of the domain name before becoming an “expired domain name”, you obviously undergo the registration of a domain name. It is often believed that a domain name can only be registered for a maximum period of ten years. Even at the time of domain name renewal, the domain name registration period cannot extend beyond a period of ten years, so domain name registrars do not have the authority to offer a domain name registration for beyond ten years. However, it is interesting to know that a top level domain name like .uk can only be registered for two years at a time.

After that, when a domain name becomes an “expired domain name” or shortly after the domain name passes its expiration date, the expired domain name will be deactivated. With the deactivation process, the domain name services involving the web page and email will no longer work. However, the expired domain name can still be renewed during this period, but it will take 24 to 72 hours for the domain name services to be reactivated.

When the expired domain name has reached the aforementioned “domain name grace period” with approximately 40 days after it has been indicated as “expired domain name”, the domain name will not be active and can be renewed without paying no additional cost. And after that period for the expired domain name, here comes the next domain name expiration period which is called “domain name redemption period”. This is a period for a domain name which resulted in a redemption period of 30 days. In this case, the WHOIS contact information such as name, address, telephone numbers and others will be deleted and the domain name will still be inactive. As a result, the domain can be renewed during this period by its original owner for $ 105 plus renewal fees. And because it’s a manual process for the registry to add the name, address, and other contact information to the domain’s registry records, the process will take a very long time.

Finally, after the domain name redemption period has expired, there comes a final period known as the “domain name cancellation period”. Then five days after the end of the redemption period for the expired domain name, the domain name will be totally deleted from the register and will then be made available by anyone who wishes to register for a domain name.

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